Facebook Analytics

Mary Hartman

Susan Wenograd

10/9/2019 : 11:40 - 12:35

Salon F

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What is the data you haven't looked at but you could be using?[p]The attribution war rages on between the platforms and Google Analytics, but marketers can miss the most important part of some of that information: patterns.[p]In our numbers-obsessed, bottom-line driven, direct response world, the myopic focus on squeezing a fast return from every penny can be a detriment. The ability to scale, expand, and truly understand the user behavioral patterns behind Facebook users gets lost in the last-click environment of Analytics. Even Facebook's native view is a curtain, with the most interesting things hiding far behind it within Facebook Analytics.[p]Learn how to set up your Facebook Analytics account.[br]Look for patterns between actions performed to open new funnel targeting ideas.[br]Create cohorts and view their retention over time.