In-house Content Strategy

Keith Goode

Topher Kohan

10/9/2019 : 11:40 - 12:35

Salon C

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What does a good content strategy look like anymore? It is fair to say that a one-size-fits-all approach to creating one won't work. SEO copywriting circa 2006 did an effective job of creating content bloat that haunts us even now. A single-channel approach creates an inconsistent hodgepodge in the user experience. SEO can take some (if not the bulk) of the responsibility for much of the bad content online, and it is SEO that can turn everything around. Go beyond keyword research and discover how large enterprise SEOs are helping their organizations go beyond keyword research, beyond obsessing over search engine algorithm changes, and into a digital experience optimization mindset. Find out how to empower as many people in your organization as possible. With ample access to data, and by centering everyone's attention on the user and the Buyer's Journey, organizations are able to unify their brand's efforts in all channels and begin to rectify the issue of content for content's sake.