Log File and Data Analysis

Jackie Chu

Rachel Meyer

10/9/2019 : 10:30 - 11:30

Salon C

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From log files to search engine analytics, data-driven decisions are the most powerful and the most impactful. Learn how to identify what data is useful for analysis and what is useful for presentation to C-Suite and clients; how to use Excel and other tools to save time with analysis, and how to create easy-to-understand visualizations that will tell the story you are trying to get across. Often, as SEOs, we focus on lagging indicators, metrics like keyword position and traffic, but in reality, for competitive net-new keywords, it can take up to 2-3 years before you realize traffic for your wins. But how do you keep your dev and product team excited and engaged before traffic is even realized? By showing them *something* is happening with your server records, and Google is acknowledging these changes even if it isn't clear, in the traffic to your site right now. Join this session to find out how to find what you need in log files and data analysis.