Campaign Automation

Mark Irvine

10/8/2019 : 11:40 - 12:45

Salon F

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Marketers are often skeptical of Google's new series of "smart"" campaigns, automatic bidding strategies, and ads assembled by machines. Robots can't be better than a human with years of experience, right? The truth is, our collective hubris may be distracting us from optimizing our campaigns. Advanced PPC marketers need to be able to take automation tools and put them together in a comprehensive strategy, of which scripts is one key element. Mark and Ashley will debunk some common fears about automation and highlight effective ways to pair your human efforts with automatic tools. Learn about and gain insights and strategies for: Smart Display and Smart Shopping, Smart Bidding (Target CPA, ROAS, Maximize Conversions), Responsive Search Ads, when to trust automation, and how to beat the machines with different tactics."