Bing - Quality Raters Guidelines

Nagu Rangan

Rohit Nargunde

10/10/2019 : 10:10 - 11:00

Salon A

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Join Bing Senior Program Manager Nagu Rangan, in charge of content quality, for an open conversation on SEO, why understanding the search quality raters guidelines is crucial to long-term success and how you can still optimize for the machines without chasing the latest fad or risking dreaded ranking penalties. Learn: - How Bing is using its own set of search quality raters guidelines to improve the Bing search ranking algorithm and evaluate search relevance. - How Bing thinks about SEO as a bridge between search quality and actual rankings. - How much SEO is too much SEO and how optimizing solely for the machine can be a slippery slope towards webmaster guidelines violations and long-term ranking penalties.