Creative Ad Tips and Tricks

Adam Proehl

Brooke Osmundson

William Leake

10/8/2019 : 10:30 - 11:30

Salon F

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This session is for the Paid Search and/or Social Manager who is struggling to get more out of their ads. Attendees will gain tactics they can use, and gain insights by seeing: Examples of specific ad creatives that were missing just one or two little things. What the under-performing numbers were. What "little things"" changed. The seven classic principles of ad copy and creative that apply in today's digital advertising world (in fact, no ad can be successful without having at least one of them). Specific examples of exactly apply in the various formats (Paid Search, Display, remarketing, video ads, etc.). How the competitive landscape plays a (VERY) critical role in the copy and WHAT you do if: Your competitor is the top dog. You're new to a competitive market. You are the top dog and want to stay there. You are brand new in a brand new marke.t A few examples of ineffective ad copy that is NOT following one of these seven classic principles of effective ad creative. Also: A brief walkthrough of HOW to create an ad utilizing each of the seven principles presented.