Mining Server Log Data For SEO Benefit

Jackie Chu

10/8/2019 : 10:30 - 11:30

Salon A

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Log data is the only 100% accurate view of how search engines and bots are considering your website. Crawl data is also the only leading indicator for SEO - intimating changes (good or bad) that will happen even before the changes in traffic have materialized. If you want to start generating more traffic with less, you must start thinking crawl-first. [ul][*]Crawl budget and why it matters [*] Misconceptions of SEO : more pages = better, more content = better [*] Signs of cannibalization, and common reasons like: improper internationalization, duplicative content, targeting too many tightly related words [*] Tools to identify areas of cannibalization [*] Best practices for pruning and consolidation[/ul] Attendees will walk away with knowledge on nuances of hreflang implementation, how to discover areas of cannibalization and crawl budget waste, and the tools and knowledge to discover how they can increase visibility, traffic and revenue - with creating no new pages at all.